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Who are ASE-L1 Mechanics?
Advanced Engine Performance Specialist (L1) is an advanced level certification from ASE (Automotive Service Excellence). 
They are experts in diagnosing, inspecting and fixing vehicles.
Are all mechanics ASE/ASE-L1 Certified?
No, definitely not. Most mechanics are trained based on trial and error or self-training. 
They do not have the experience or training needed to detect vehicle-related issues before they happen.
Does Hyrides use ASE/ASE-L1 Mechanics?
We only use ASE/ASE-L1 mechanics.
Our master mechanic is a Toyota Master Diagnosis Technician and Hybrid Certified
That means your car stays on the road for longer and is safer for you and your passengers. 
They diagnose issues faster to get you on the road as soon as possible.
For more questions about our mechanics, contact them below.
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